Project traceability has never been easier.

Impelx removes the labor out of producing and maintaining a traceability matrix with two powerful features; automation, and simple drag and drop.


Traceability is now built-in to your project automatically

When requirements with user stories are defined in Impelx, test scenarios can be created automatically with a click of a button, for one, some, or all requirements. Solutions can be included as well with easy drag-and-drop user experience for a complete project picture.


Simple drag-and-drop gets you traceability even faster

With a simple mouse movement, requirements, solutions, and test scenarios can be linked together in a matter of seconds.

With built-in “Quick Views” for each project item presented for traceability, shows immediately what is connected and what is not. Filtering makes it easy to isolate similar elements to establish traceability in minutes.


Triangular traceability keeps your project always in full view

Impelx offers a unique view of traceability to include not only connections between requirements and test scenarios but also with any corresponding solutions in between. No matter how complex the project, with triangular traceability there is nothing left to chance. Depending on your perspective you can see the traceability matrix from a requirements flow, solution flow, or from a test scenario flow.


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