Tactical IT Roadmap

We understand the significant business and regulatory pressure our healthcare customers are under. They have more IT and clinical projects than ever before - and most often without a full compliment of resources to complete them. Because of these pressures, goMPO has utilized our deep expertise in healthcare IT management and project deployment to create a Tactical IT Roadmap assessment. This assessment functions as the blueprint for our customers and allows goPMO to delivery a useable roadmap that is customized to the unique needs and requirements of individual customers, existing environments, and internal/federal pressures.

The finished Tactical IT Roadmap provides customers with relief and a meaningful, execution oriented plan to attack the primary projects confronting their organization while maintaining a focus on deadlines, ROI and clinical engagement. The final report includes::

  • Tracking of all projects against established milestones and performance benchmarks.
  • Providing an ongoing, consistent communication to senior management on their deployment schedule and strategic decision-making.
  • Matching IT project priorities against expected and desired operational outcomes.
  • Benchmarking the deployment of IT projects in parallel with federal regulatory guidelines and timeframes.

If you are in need of a means to quickly engage with your organization and set a tactical roadmap that accomplishes the desired operational and clinical outcomes, then contact a member of the goPMO team right away.