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IT Strategic Plans for Healthcare Providers and Payers

Developing an IT roadmap for healthcare providers and payers is both difficult and time consuming. Often, the IT planning process is neglected by constantly reacting to crisis or immediate needs. Nearly every resource that would participate and help shape the vision are overcommitted and overworked. With regulatory deadlines and organization’s need for IT adoption accelerating, healthcare providers and payers are engaging external resources who can bridge technical and clinical requirements to speed IT adoption. goPMO is a trusted resource, with a balance of clinical and IT expertise, to support accelerated adoption of IT. Our typical IT planning process and deliverables include:

  • Identifying key information needs to support an enterprise-wide information environment
  • Determining financial, administrative, patient care, clinical and financial decision-support requirements
  • Evaluating the adequacy of current IT staffing and organizational structures
  • Identifying high-priority IT projects
  • Recommending cost effective IT acquisition and implementation approaches
  • Developing IT organizational structures to support the proposed IT environment
  • Forecasting the required IT project budget
  • Establishing a prioritized and phased implementation schedule

Health Plan Systems and Process Growth Roadmap

Whether you are expanding in your current market or looking to penetrate new ones, all your systems and processes must be upgraded or changed to accommodate new products, benefit packages, member enrollment, additional provider contracts, fee schedules, claims edits, care plan criteria, etc. For Medicaid and Medicare expansion, the added complexity to satisfy state and federal requirements makes expansion and growth a long and intensive effort. goPMO has the expertise to:

  • Provide full implementation teams to plan and launch new plans and benefits
  • Evaluate all systems involved such as Enrollment, Provider Credentialing, Care Plan Management, Policy Administration, Claims Processing, Fulfillment
  • Assist in the selection or configuration that best fits your environment and your growth plans
  • Create and execute provider network development strategies and rapidly deploy feet on the street to fulfill network adequacy
  • Complete testing plans and comprehensive validation for systems, process and operational readiness
  • Full compliance and risk management review

goPMO understands how to navigate the government waters to ensure expansion efforts are accomplished as smooth and swift as possible.

PMO Assessment and Setup

goPMO brings a practical approach to healthcare IT project delivery to your doorstep. A few key components of a selection, evaluation, and project start up methodology go a long way to you sleeping better at night.  This may include some or all of the focused specialties that make you dance the happy dance:

  • Project intake and vetting process for quickly identifying the dogs from the opportunities
  • Quantifiable evaluation model for each project and within categories of projects
  • Easy business case creation with the measures that matter
  • A proven system to prioritize each and every project against each other
  • A communication process to keep people up and down clinical and IT resources - and senior management - engaged and informed
  • Clear translation from strategy to delivery
  • Complete PMO installation making the process repeatable

Never settle for an off-the-shelf methodology or the “Rolls Royce” versions of project management software or consulting firms without first taking a hard practical look at what is necessary.  Theories are great, but to effectively deliver healthcare IT projects you have to mobilize clinical, IT and management together as a unified force. Don’t settle for mediocre outcomes.

Full PMO Outsourcing

Outsourcing PMO functions is a very effective option for healthcare provider organizations. Especially if you are having trouble hanging onto project management talent, sustaining repeatable project delivery processes, or lacking sufficient support to implement the necessary project tools to define, track, and deliver on a consistent basis. Outsourcing to goPMO the responsibilities usually assembled into a PMO is not as scary as you think and have several advantages.

  • Removes the recruiting and scaling responsibility as the project portfolio grows and transfers that burden to goPMO
  • Gives you immediate access to highly skilled and experienced clinical and IT project delivery recourses
  • Establishes a more efficient and repeatable prioritization and delivery process
  • No need to purchase your own, goPMO outsourcing gives you access to all of the benefits of the project delivery tools needed to manage projects and their associated solutions with dependability

goPMO is first and always focused on successful delivery of healthcare IT projects. With goPMO's philosophy, the common inefficiencies of a PMO that often lead to its disassembly are avoided. PMO outsourcing makes sense as either a "pinch hitter" on specific projects or to give your healthcare organization the time and flexibility to build your own. All the while delivering strategic healthcare IT projects and using the goPMO team, tools and methodologies as a model.

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