Instant Value Without the Wait

Our PMO-as-a-ServiceTM is an inclusive service that incorporates all governance, project management resources, proven best practice methods and processes, and project delivery tools necessary to control and manage your portfolio of projects from inception to completion.  This instantly achieves enterprise governance across all business and technical performance areas and establishes a project balance through critical evaluation of opportunities in the context of corporate capability/ability. Additionally, project delivery and measurement standards are applied for transparent accountability.

Ask the Right Questions - All of the Time

PMO's need to be consistently answering the key questions to get efficient, repeatable and scalable results.

  • Are we working on the right projects?
  • Are we delivering those projects efficiently and consistently?
  • Are we using our scarce resources in the most effective manner?
  • Can we quickly adapt to varying levels of demand while maintaining our processes?
 PMO Bubbles

Getting those answers typically takes 2 to 3 years to accumulate the resources, the methods, and the tools with them all working together.  This requires a substantial investment in time and energy. PMO-as-a-Service helps get to faster answers without the typical ramp up period or numerous maturation cycles to get there.  It also:

  • Accelerates implementation and adoption of the core processes typically part of a PMO
  • Instantly applies proven practices and methods without having to iteratively grow or learn over time
  • Provides scalability to quickly adapt to project needs without having to invest in permanent full time resources
  • Provides increased visibility, transparency, and collaboration by using proven project delivery tools across the organization

Real and Immediate Benefit

With PMO-as-a-Service you get:

  • Flexible and scalable resources that always meet quality and skill-set requirements
  • Enhanced staff productivity and focus on strategic initiatives
  • Lower overall staff costs, team numbers always adjusted for project demands
  • Embedded healthcare IT expertise and leadership
  • No additional investment in tools as project delivery tools and reporting come as part of the service

Think Big - Start Small - Act Fast

Start where you have the most need.  With a tiered pricing structure, the right capacity can be implemented and adjusted to meet varying project demands with predictability. Learn more about how to leverage the power of PMO-as-a-Service.  Contact us today!