Accelerated Adoption Without the Investment

goPMO, provides software and professional services to customers across the healthcare IT spectrum, enabling the efficient, repeatable deployment of healthcare IT software products and technology projects at scale. Healthcare customers today have a continually growing portfolio of clinical and IT project demands, without the breadth of internal expertise OR full faith to consistently deploy their solutions across customers or complete projects within the organization.

Our Deployment-as-a-ServiceTM brings together all of the the critical elements of healthcare IT project delivery in a flexible model that establishes confidence in solution deployment, provides consistent adoption results and can be repeated at scale across the organization. The goPMO difference is an inclusive approach combining our comprehensive project delivery software, expert project delivery methods, business and healthcare IT expertise, architecture and design, development and configuration, best practice testing planning and execution and implementation support.  The outcome delivers a standard and efficient means to deploy and adopt any clinical or IT project across all healthcare stakeholders.

Deliverying Efficiency, Repeatability, and Scalability

Whether focused on a series of related projects or across a portfolio of identified requirements, goPMO delivers the full suite of skillsets and expertise needed to achieve the desired result including people, methods and tools. For a fixed price per month, goPMO’s Deployment-as-a-Service model automatically includes the following skillsets and areas of focus for a complete project delivery: 

 pm clipboard  Project Leadership  dev webcam  Development & Configuration
 ba folder  Business Analysis  qa folder  Quality Assurance
 ad keyboard  Architecture & Design  imp headset  Implementation Support

Effective and Consistent Results

Leveraging goPMO’s expertise in a deployment-as-a-service model allows our customers to capture direct financial benefit, increased focused and productivity among existing staff, and confidence that all projects delivered in a repeatable manner to create consistency and predictability. Additional benefits of the goPMO Deployment-as-a-Service include:

  • Saved time and financial cost of identifying and recruiting individual resources based on an evolving set of applications and technologies. goPMO brings all necessary resources as part of the deployment team.
  • Significantly enhanced opportunity for internal staff to focus on more critical, strategic, or core initiatives.
  • Accelerated on-boarding of new projects and priorities as organizational mandates evolve – all with greater certainty of outcomes and connections between stakeholders.

Real and Immediate Benefit

With Deployment-as-a-Service you get:

  • Flexible and scalable resources that always meet quality and skill-set requirements
  • Enhanced staff productivity and focus on strategic initiatives
  • Lower overall staff costs, team numbers always adjusted for project demands
  • Embedded healthcare IT expertise and leadership
  • No additional investment in tools as project delivery tools and reporting come as part of the service

Think Big - Start Small - Act Fast

Start where you have the most need.  With a tiered pricing structure, the right capacity can be implemented and adjusted to meet varying project demands with predictability. Learn more about how to leverage the power of Deployment-as-a-Service.  Contact us today!