Never lose another requirement, approval or project task again. Ever. Impelx is our project delivery software enabling the efficient, repeatable and scalable deployment of healthcare IT software products and technology projects. The full set of Impel-x capabilities attack the weak spots holding back the successful deployment and adoption of technology in healthcare today, including:

  • Consistent focus on collaboration. Impel-x’s global visibility and streamlined functionality combines all of the primary ingredients of a project into one efficient user experience with real time collaboration and approval workflow.
  • Concentration on traceability across project deliverables. Impel-x integrates traceability into every project deliverable from requirements to test, eliminating scope, time, and resource confusion ensuring a complete and comprehensive view for all participants.
  • Creating acceleration opportunity. Impel-x’s adaptable library functionality makes available any project ingredient such as work plans, deliverables, requirements, solutions, or test scenarios and their traceability to be immediately added to a new or existing project, cutting the discovery and planning phases in half.


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