Benefits in Action

Eliminate Traditional Project Documentation

Never view project documents the same way again.  With ImpelX there is no need for separate documents, such as requirements, specifications, work plans, issues logs, or status reports.  All the same project intelligence is linked and tells a story in Impel.



Gain Visibility into Requirements Workflow

Having visibility into where each requirement is at relative to other requirements in the project is worth its weight in gold when you are under pressure to deliver on a project. ImpelX easily shows and tracks each requirement so that there is nothing missed or waiting.


Get More Value from Your Project Issues than Ever Before

In the midst of the things you have to pay attention to each day, best we can do is skim on some things. Managing issues on a project is one of those skimming items. However, there is ton of value that project issues have to offer if we could quickly and fully leverage all the information surrounding them. Impel enables you to convert project issues into valuable insight getting more from project issues than ever before.