Automated Traceability

Traceability is the single most valuable means to keep all project participants on track and focused on the most current requirements. Traceability ensures all requirements are indeed to a corresponding solution and test scenario and any changes are updated to the project's scope. This is often documented in a "Traceability Matrix" that shows the requirement, testing and approval links between all elements of the project.

Because traceability links all of the project elements together, it is also the single most difficult aspect of a project to keep current. Unless the project is staffed by a single person, there are so many players and participants contributing to traceability it often goes unchecked. Unchecked growth and evolution of requirements is what ultimately drives higher costs and extended deadlines for the deployment of healthcare IT projects. goPMO removes the labor out of producing and maintaining a traceability matrix with two powerful features: automation and simple drag and drop.


When project deliverables are established that contain individual requirements, ImpelX creates test case scenarios automatically for one, some, or all requirements. In addition, Impel-x creates both positive and negative scenarios at the same time. You maintain the control to use both or simply delete the ones you don't want.

Simple Drag and Drop

Within ImpelX, we’ve provided our customers with the ability to link together the core factors that make up a project deliverable - requirements, solutions and test case scenarios. These are all linked together in real time by connecting them via our simple drag and drop user interface.


With built-in "Quick Views" presented for traceability, ImpelX shows immediately what is connected and what is not. Filtering makes it easy to isolate similar elements to establish traceability in minutes. As our customers make progress toward project completion they utilize the reporting capabilities built into ImpelX, particularly the Orphan Report to ensure what aspects of the project are not fully traceable in real time, through project completion.