Replacing Common Practice with Innovative Common Sense

ImpelX is goPMO’s cloud-based project delivery software that enables the efficient, repeatable and scalable completion of technology projects. With more forward-thinking common sense-oriented capability than any other product on the market, ImpelX accelerates communication and consensus across the project enabling all project participants to operate with more intelligent project knowledge faster and with refreshing simplicity.

Hear from the leaders why ImpelX was created and how it is so different than any other project delivery system on the market.


The ImpelX project delivery solution brings advanced thinking to your fingertips that will change how you view project management and project delivery by:

Removing the need to pass independent, non-linked, documents

around to stakeholders to define and manage the primary components of a project.


Accelerating the project lifecycle

by moving forward individual or groups of requirements and activities based on their readiness instead of having to waiting for all of them to be ready before moving them through an approval workflow.

 Advancing the Work

of those further into the project lifecycle, such as Developers, and QA Analysts, with automation based on information already vetted and approved.


 Injecting Quality

into the project lifecycle process much sooner than ever before to improve the outcome with efficiency, repeatability, and with scale.


Key benefits of the ImpelX project delivery platform include:

  • Cloud-based framework to allow the launch of new projects, across multiple stakeholders, instantly
  • Powerful, easy-to-use approval workflows
  • Automated approval tracking for quick and simple follow up
  • Quick drag-and-drop traceability across all project deliverables
  • Open API architecture for integration with existing 3rd party systems
  • Roles-based security supports all types of internal and external project stakeholders
  • Developed by healthcare IT deployment experts, specifically for accelerating the successful deployment of IT projects.

ImpelX fills the gap for efficient, repeatable means to communicate, track and deploy projects across the broad range of stakeholders that comprise any healthcare IT deployment project.

Arrange to see an in-depth look of this powerful project deployment software by one of our project delivery experts. They will show you how ImpelX can make an immediate difference in your projects today.


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