How Pricing Restricts Productivity

on Friday, 24 October 2014. Posted in goPMO Corporate

All across the software industry, including the project management/product delivery space that is near and dear to our hearts, whether in cloud solutions or on-premise, the number of seat licenses are the primary defining factor in how much the software costs. A tiered, seat-based pricing structure is simple math: A (number of users) + B (cost per seat) = C (total cost). And therein lies the problem.

The ability to include people in the project is directly linked to the number of seat licenses purchased for the project delivery tool being used is a guarantee that some stakeholders will be left out from participation because there will be no purchased seats left to assign them without having to purchase more. The result is projects being inefficiently managed by the seat license budget. Which only costs more time, money, loss of productivity and quality. So long as those things are important to the delivery and adoption of IT projects, we will also be beholden to the seat license.

What could possibly go wrong:

  • A key stakeholder needs to approve a piece of the project but doesn't have a login. The verbal and second-hand approval process gets shuffled around and the likelihood of a mistake grows exponentially.
  • New team members need to be added as the project grows, but you’re already over the seat limit. Back to pens and paper or buy more user license making the deal you thought you got on the software a distant memory.
  • Multiple versions of business requirements circulate outside the project tool causing confusion and several variations to the truth. The variations grow as requirements continue to evolve.
  • Comprehensive traceability is nearly impossible if all stakeholders aren't connected to the project making executive reporting a very unpleasant experience when the “why” questions start coming.

At goPMO we are tearing down those barriers and have focused instead on an inclusive project management and deployment model. Our project delivery software, Impelx, has no restrictions on the number of projects or number of users for any given customer. We believe this gives Impel customers the ability to extend project visibility to all key stakeholders at a single price point. This gives each project, and project manager, the traceability they desire to ensure no requirements are left behind.

Take a look for yourself at what full traceability looks like by requesting a demo today.

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