HiMSS15 is long over, what's next?

on Thursday, 14 May 2015. Posted in goPMO Corporate

HiMSS15 is officially in the books. At goPMO we spent the show in discussions across the show floor with a wide range of partners. Now that I actually have feeling back in my feet and lower part of my legs again I can with some confidence say that from everything our team has experienced and heard directly that this has been one of the most successful shows in the last 3-5 years. Through all those discussions, events and presentations there were a few things I’ll take with me from this year’s conference

  • HP throws one hell of a party
    • Seriously guys, you’re at the top of your game. The channel community in particular loves a great party - and uses them effectively to build brand/solution awareness and well as partner engagement. For HP, I’m not quite ready to give them GOAT status yet. But they’re definitely a contender.
  • Interoperability
    • The discussions, the products, the repositioning - interoperability was everywhere on the show floor. Customers who are looking at how to create interoperability need to make sure they understand their use cases for how applications, data and clinical staff need to work together to take advantage of interoperability solutions.
  • Who’s doing the work?
    • It's official, literally no one has enough resources to get all the projects and initiatives accomplished in a consistent manner.
    • Healthcare providers seem to be really struggling with resources. From what we’ve heard this week on the floor it’s not just a numbers game. All the change we talk about in healthcare just doing affect the IT or clinical department’s ability to adopt technology. It’s also a changing business model for hospitals - which means all departments to also adapt to the new reality of healthcare provider as sales and marketing organization.
    • Healthcare vendors face their own challenges. For them the key is how do they achieve efficient, repeatable and scalable implementation of their solutions when their customers don’t have enough resources? We’ve heard from many executives who worry about capturing revenue. The deals get booked but if not deployed the company can’t realize the revenue.
  • Ecosystem is king
    • With apologies to my marketing friends - in healthcare it’s not necessarily the content, but the ecosystem that is king. With the complex needs of the healthcare community and the virtually industry wide shortage of resources you’re only as strong or effective as your partner ecosystem. Identifying your true core strengths and being open to true partnership to fill in the gaps will help everyone involved grow their companies. Great partnerships also allow for the creation and implementation of truly comprehensive solutions - the kind that advance customer outcomes.

At goPMO, we have a very active ecosystem of partners across distribution, value added resell and targeted software partners who we value greatly and rely on to meet the needs of our customer base and grow our business. If you’re interested in becoming one of those partners, let us know.