goPMO Corporate Site Relaunch

on Thursday, 08 January 2015. Posted in goPMO Corporate

Over the new year we relaunched our corporate web presence at We are very proud of the new site and are excited to share it with our partners, existing customers, and prospects. The new site has allowed us to reframe our value to the healthcare IT market in expert clinical IT deployment services and as our project deployment software, Impel-X. Customers and prospects to our site are able to easily find the products and services they need, connect with our team easily and begin the conversation quickly and efficiently.

There are a couple new things We’d like to highlight that are part of the new site relaunch:

Impel Logo - Health IT Project Management SoftwareImpelx
Along with the redesigned corporate site we are launching new customer tiers for Impel-X. Most importantly, we’ve torn down traditional model of paying by seat license. It’s our opinion this model prevents usage of tools that can speed project deployment. In the Impel-X model you are without restriction on projects, people, and partners. Our customers use that freedom to be more inclusive on projects and deployment faster. You can read more about our feelings on an unlimited software model here.

In addition to the new user tears we’ve made it even easier to sign up for a demo. Take a look through the application’s capabilities and let’s get a conversation started about how Impel-X can help accelerate your IT projects.

In healthcare, we know one company can’t solve every problem. Partnerships are the only way to bring the expertise and full solutions our healthcare customers require to keep up with both federal regulations and the changing marketplace. Today, goPMO works closely with software and hardware vendors, value added resellers, and IT distribution in areas like project management, application deployment, data migration, clinical workflow, legacy applications and more.

As part of the new site we’ve made it easier for our existing partners to register and project our joint projects. If you’re interested in becoming a goPMO partner, let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

We hope you enjoy the new website and use it for whatever support you need. Continue to keep an eye on this page as well have more announcements and updates in the coming months.