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IT Project Nightmares are the Best

on Wednesday, 18 May 2016. Posted in Healthcare Deployment, Project Management

IT Project Nightmares are the Best


Robert Williams


goPMO, Inc.

When the wheels are falling off and everyone is panicking the project trenches suddenly get real crowded as everyone is looking for cover. In my opinion this is the best place to shine. Obviously we are never expecting or planning for our projects to go sideways, but it happens nonetheless. The story is the same, “No thanks, we got it. We don’t need the help...we got it...we got it...oh crap, we’re in trouble and being overrun. Can you come help?”

Why You Need Test Planning

on Wednesday, 18 May 2016. Posted in Healthcare Deployment, Project Management

Why You Need Test Planning for Every Project - No Matter the Size


Kathy Drake

Implementation Specialist and Test Lead

goPMO, Inc.

Test planning is how a team makes sure requirements have been met in a satisfactory manner for software, products, and systems.  In addition to verifying what the project team delivered is indeed what was expected, test planning is also used to ensure the quality of the end objective is at a level acceptable to stakeholders. 

Interoperability is Harder Without a Complete Patient Chart

on Tuesday, 06 January 2015. Posted in Healthcare Deployment

The now ex-National Coordinator for Health IT, Karen Desalvo, recently spoke at a conference about how interoperability won’t be easy. I’m sure we can pretty much regard that as an understatement. Interoperability continues to be a challenge within hospitals and systems with evolving standards, varying levels of IT adoption, and the current M&A environment. Not to mention the struggles that many providers have with their application vendors in terms of upgrades and professional services. Add in clinical workflow changes to accommodate interoperability and security concerns and you can see how difficult achieving interoperability will be.