Blending The Best of All Worlds in Project Delivery

on Sunday, 14 April 2013. Posted in goPMO Corporate

Healthcare companies, as well as many other businesses, need a proven strategy to prioritize every project, develop an effective communication process, and deploy practical solutions that get results. At goPMO, we help your organization navigate to stay on top of projects effortlessly.

Connect the Dots - Do You Really Need Requirements Traceability?

on Sunday, 24 March 2013. Posted in goPMO Corporate, Project Management

Project requirements have a habit of breeding. A little of this gets added here, a little of that gets slid in over there. Typically it all happens because every member of the project team, from the top down, wants to get as much out of the project as possible. Before you know it, you need a genius like John Nash in A Beautiful Mind to track and relate all the information you're managing within your projects. Requirements traceability can help.

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