About Us

goPMO provides professional services and software to customers across the healthcare spectrum. goPMO’s professional service teams enable the efficient, repeatable and scalable deployment of healthcare IT software products and technology projects. Staffed with experienced clinical, operational and IT expertise, goPMO professional services accelerate the adoption and utilization of healthcare IT solutions. All the while, ensuring deployment projects meet regulatory and business requirements by working closely with operational and financial stakeholders.

This balance between the EFFICIENT DEPLOYMENT of technology and the SUCCESSFUL ADOPTION and utilization of clinical staff provides significant benefit to our healthcare customers. First, it helps mitigate the risk inherent in the investment of new technologies, especially in rip and replace scenarios. Second, it enables our healthcare customers to accelerate the completion of other regulatory and IT deployment projects that are behind schedule or need focused resources to complete.

goPMO fills the gap for efficient, repeatable means to deploy the technology and regulatory solutions across the broad range of stakeholders that comprise any healthcare IT deployment project.

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